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Where do we set up in LA28

Squash is finally an Olympic sport, our first edition into the Olympics is in LA28 and with the rise of US Squash there seems like no better place for the sport to start.

Now I guess is the question of where we showcase our amazing sport, dozens of other sports will be on display at the games, some in purpose build arenas, others will be using current stadia such as the Angel Stadium, Dodger Stadium or the Crypto Arena.


Squash is fairly unique in needing very little to host, we can pick up our glass court and place it anywhere flat, so could we see LA28 Squash on the beach? Or up on the Hollywood sign?


I was looking at various venues in LA via Google and one for me stood out as being big, bold and in a prime location, Hollywood Bowl!

One of the largest amphitheatres in the World with seating capacity of nearly 18,000, home of the LA Philharmonic since 1922, it could certainly play host to the best squash players in the world.


The shallow seating may pose an issue but with the possibility of focusing the Olympic Squash on more than just the game that’s on display I think it could be a perfect home for an Olympic Squash village for fans from all over the World to convene.

Where do you think our Olympic court will be staged?


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