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We need some Fantasy Squash

It’s the end of the Fantasy Premier League Football (soccer) season, I’ve had another stinker!!


Anyway it got me thinking squash, and a fantasy squash league that I wanted to pitch to you, the general public and squash fans, I have also sent this to the PSA so watch this space.


How about a PSA Fantasy Squash League, more fan engagement, increased web traffic, extra content for marketing and player profile as well as being quite fun; could have it’s own social media account that is slightly tongue in cheek. Over 11 million people play FPL, the official free premier league fantasy game and keeps fans engaged throughout the football season.

So imagine FPL but squash… choose a squad of 6 players, 5 playing and a reserve with your 100 million purse. (players could be given a price depending on their ranking at the end of the previous season, Ali Farag and Nour ElSherbini are 35 million for example) Instead of gameweeks like in football we just use the months and the competitions that conclude in that month, at the end of every month you can make substitutions, one freebee and additional subs at a cost of points. All of this is just an idea of what the rules may or may not be or could be, at the end of the day it needs to be fun.


Players would win points by

  • Winning a PSA match (points change depending on game score, winning 3-0 gets you 6 points where as winning 3-2 gets you 3)

  • Winning an event

  • Finishing above their seeding at an event

  • Dishing out a bagel


Players could lose points by

  • Losing a PSA match 3-0 (Player could get -1 for losing 3-0 so only starts getting points after picking up a game)

  • Finishing below their seeding at an event

  • Being served a bagel (ouch)


Choose a captain each month and their points are doubled, social media could release stats on players selected by teams, subbed in or subbed out and captained, like FPL.


PSA Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum events count only to a players points, could add just the top 50 players in men and women to the roster or open it out further down the ranks.


You must have at least 2 men and 2 women in your team, last two players are up to you.


A fantasy squash set up could either use an app (expensive) or just using web browser, if you ran it through SquashTV you already have the users signing in to the website, a fantasy league could be an addition to that??

Who would be in your team?



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