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PSA THE 50 YEAR OLD START UP - Squash Summit, Day One

June 3rd 2024 saw the first edition of the Squash Summit, hosted by the PSA Foundation along with The World Squash Federation and the PSA. I was lucky enough to attedn along with over 100 other delegates from all corners of the globe with one thing in common, a passion for squash and the growth of the game.

Adriana Olaya of the PSA Foundation, Alex Gough, CEO of the PSA and Zena Wooldridge, President of WSF opened the day and discussed the recent inclusion of squash in the Olympics and how it can drive the sport's growth and commercial viability.

The three emphasised the importance of collaboration, innovation, and partnerships, and highlighted the need to support professional players and foster a culture of resilience and determination.

Zena and Alex provided insights on the squash industry, including updates from the World Squash Federation and PSA and how they have worked together to bring the LA28 bid together along with US Squash.

PSA, The 50 Year Old Start-Up!

The PSA is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year and Alex said "We're a 50 year old startup. And if you look at our kind of staff and the energy levels and what we want to try and achieve it really does feel that we're at the start of a journey. Not that we've been doing this for a while, but we really are starting a very exciting period of time and squash."

Onwards to the rest of Day One at the Squash Summit, I'll be sharing as much info as possible from every talk through the day.


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