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Looking for inspiration in squash?

If you are looking for inspiration in squash, look no further than the volunteers that help with the day to day running of squash clubs around the world.


Without these volunteers we simply wouldn’t have a sport, for decades they have helped run junior squash, adult squash and events in every country and have been the first person most new starters see. Some of the best squash players in the world would have started at a squash club and been coached in their first session by a volunteer.

Volunteer coaches have been the key to successful squash clubs that I have set up around South Wales and now in Aberystwyth where we have at least five volunteer coaches. One of our coaches Hugh is at every session, every week and is the first face new starters see when they come and try squash for the first time.

Squash isn’t the most glamorous sport to be part of but it’s the best sport in the world in my opinion and the love and passion for the sport drives more and more to volunteer and help grow our game as much as we can.


If you’re interested in volunteering at your squash club, there are several leader awards and level 1 coaching courses in England, Wales and Scotland you could attend to start your journey. Who knows maybe you could coach the next World No.1.


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