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DRIVING SQUASH TO ALL - Squash Summit, Day One

When Covid swept the World, indoor events and sports were hit hard, when restrictions were finally relaxed the squash community quickly ran back to the courts. But with some restrictions still in place like social distancing, some came up with ideas of how we could tak squash outdoors; making it easier to play.

Ming Lee, Squash United, Mike Harris, Mr Squash and England Squash rallied together to create a perspex court that was smaller than our conventional court but gave a better representation of the sport compared to the rebound walls we generally see.

The conversation centred around strategies to revive squash in the UK, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel discussed the importance of making squash more visible and accessible to young people, installing courts in schools and communities, and targeting diverse communities through outreach programs. The team were able to capitalise on the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 and had a fantastic product to reach thousands of people with the outdoor courts.

Ming Lee said "It was a wonderful opportunity for us to continue our long term legacy plan which is to make squash accessible and visible."

It was great to share a small part of the story about Aberystwyth Squash Club to the group and how we have grown the sport in our small pocket of Wales. With the use of clear marketing, having a website and booking facility as well as an army of volunteers we have grown squash in Aber and delivered it to over 300 brand new faces who have visited the courts.

"To reach more people our sport needs to be more visible and accessible online with a website, social media and a clear marketing plan" Damian Burgess

The panel also emphasized the sport's potential to promote physical development, mental well-being, and inclusivity. Speakers also shared their experiences with squash and its impact on children's lives, as well as the challenges of transportation and limited opportunities.


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