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What you need to start a squash club

If you're looking to start a little squash club out of a leisure centre or squash club, looking to increase numbers at a club that's already set up or looking to take your club to the next level there is one thing that will help you more than anything else.

Away from the essentials like a squash court, coaches and equipment, you need a website and marketing. Without these two I don't think any club can reach its potential, without clear marketing and a good user friendly website, even with the best squash courts in the world a club won't attract new players.

When I started the new squash club in Aberystwyth at the local leisure centre, the first thing I completed was the branding, marketing and website (I run my own marketing business Red Squirrel Marketing) and launched the site to target locals in the area.

The website is your 24/7 shop window, along with social media it is the gateway to you reaching more people and specifically more people local to your club.

Added benefits to the website could be that you add the ability to book sessions and classes, with our Aberystwyth Squash Club website we did just that, and before a ball had been struck we had over 20 juniors booked on to various classes through the week.

With a website and social media you have the oppertunity to share your club sessions to a wider audience with parents and club coaches able to share your links through their own network of friends.

Does your club have a website? If you need a site then get in touch.


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